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The Rise and Fall of IOS Security
(04-25-2018, 06:07 AM)Heatman Wrote: I don't have any clue about this because I'm not an iPhone user. In fact, I have never used an iPhone before and never planned to use any one anytime soon because of how expensive the company's products are. An average income earner like myself cannot afford to use more than 3 months salary of my pay to just buy one phone and remain hungry. It's not a wise thing to do.

Hi @Heatman? I think that normally depends on where you stay.  In states,  you can easily get an iPhone that is second hand, in good condition and really cheap. Do not give up my dear friend. Plus if you save for one,  you can easily afford it.  Personally I cannot  buy one because when it gets stolen or lost I would die.  Such a huge loss.  I Normally prefer to buy a cheap phone so that in case anything happens I can easily afford another one!.
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