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Quantum Internet
Quantum Communications is a new breed of internet which will be used by Quantum Computers.  Researchers in China are gaining ground in building Quantum Networks using the same principles in Quantum Computing.  The creation of these networks would ultimately lead to the development of Quantum Internet which is a more secure system in which information is stored and transmitted using advance cryptography.
What are your thoughts about Quantum Computers, Networks and Internet?

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I have heard about it and it seems to be convincing. If the technology is all about security and speed i think its promising. Its also what people and industries expect on a new system.
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It will be one of the greatest breakthroughs the world can do for us. And we are  hoping for even more wonders in the field of Science and computing.
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Just imagine the possibilities if we could use quantum entanglement to send data instantly across the globe. That would be some high-speed internet porn research. Can't wait!
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