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Telco Monopoly
In my country The Philippines it seems that even the government can't do anything to destroy the telco Monopolies of 2 companies Globe and Smart which basically controls the whole country's telco industry.  These two telco giants are earning billions per day with their high charges and unreasonably priced offers.  What's worst is their employees are downright arrogant and their customer service is so snail paced that it'll take days to get a straight answer or an issue resolved.
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I am from Nepal. In Nepal, the telecommunication and internet businesses are controlled by two companies. One is a company owned by the government and another is a private company. The government owned company charges less however, the service is not very good, wher as the private companies offer high quality service and the price is very high.
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To the TS, I do agree with you that some of these telco employees are indeed arrogant. I actually know a few, and I am annoyed sometimes when they brag about their bonuses especially at the end of the year (13th-16th-month pay and such). All I can say is, their service is crap and they don't deserve to be held in high regard. Peace out!
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