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3rd Telco in the Philippines
Streamtech Systems Technologies owned by Manny Villar was given the green light by President Rodrigo Duterte by granting the new telco company a 25 year telco operating franchise.  It seems the Villar Group is gunning for the grand prize which is to win in the bid to become the Philippines third Telco company and that translates into billions of dollars of earnings per year.  Streamtech is now looking for a foreign telco partner which has a minimum of 10 years operational track record as it is one of the requirements.
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That is undoubtedly good news, and at least we see progress. I heard the 3rd telco player would be named come November. The only question is November of what year? LOL. I hope it's 2018.
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As of this writing the news have Udenna-China Telecom as the sole international bidder for the third Telco player, probably in tandem with Villar's SST. The China telco is owned by Dennis Uy a tycoon from Davao. Actually a preference by no less than Pres Du30 himself.
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There are three main Telecommunications networks here in Nigeria and they are MTN, GLOBACOM AND AIRTEL.

All these telecommunications networks are rivaling one another so much to have more subscribers. At the moment, MTN appears to be the best but the most expensive of all the telecommunications.
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